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About Tattoo Fading

About Tattoo Fading

Tired of Your Tattoo?

Want to remove your tattoo but laser removal is to costly? Try Fade Away, mixed for you at the time of order. Unlike most other removal systems, this program will start to show results in 4 – 8 weeks rather than 4 months. Not only do we offer you a tattoo fading product, with out partner site we offer a wide range of customized skin care products. Take a closer look at what we are about.


What makes us different from our competitors?

Tattoo Fading believes in 100% honesty. We are not going to tell you that this is a quick answer to removing your tattoo. It is going to take 6-18 months before your tattoo is completely removed. However, you will begin to see results much sooner than that. (4-6 weeks on average). You will also notice that you do not see a lot of photos on our site. This is for a couple of reasons; first being that many of the before and after pictures out there have been manipulated or copied and second, the testimonials have no way of verifying whether or not they are indeed legitimate.

The only testimonies listed on our site will be from our customers who are willing to not only give us their testimonial but are also willing to provide us with contact information so that anyone who visits our site can contact them to verify the validity of the testimonial and any pictures that accompany it. Tattoo Fading knows that you deserve the very best product possible. For this reason we use natural ingredients and do not mix any product until an order has been made.